SERU Assessment



On 5th October 2021 TFL announced that people applying for a PHV driver licence will have to take a Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding (SERU) Assessment in addition to the Topographical Assessment.

Below you can find a link for the PHV drivers handbook this will be a guide on everything the SERU Assessments contains 

PHV Drivers Handbook

There are 10 sections of the PHV drivers handbook which are as follows 

Section 1: London PHV Driver Licensing

Section 2: Licensing Requirements for PHVs

Section 3: Carrying out Private Hire Journeys

Section 4: Staying Safe

Section 5: Driver Behaviour

Section 6: Driving and Parking in London

Section 7: Safer Driving

Section 8: Being Aware of Equality and Disability

Section 9: Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk

Section 10: Ridesharing

If you have any questions on this assessment you can speak to our team during your Topographical Training and they can guide you on what to expect.