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All TfL (Transport for London) Topographical Assessments are carried out by TfL (Transport for London) at one of TfL Test Centres using computer aided questions. This is mandatory in line with TfL Topographical Assessments.

PCO London is responsible for training candidates how to approach this assessment. We will provide you with similar questions using the same software as TfL (Transport for London) and work with you in groups or individuals to understand the Topographical questions and arrive at the correct answers.

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 1.    The second Topographical Training session on offer at PCO London is Computer Training, using the same Topographical software as used by TfL (Transport for London) in your up and coming Assessment or Test.

 The PCO London Computer Training lasts 3 Hours each Session, during this session you will be trained using the genuine software used by TfL (Transport for London) and expose you to the common mistakes made by candidates.

 On your first Computer Training session you will be introduced to the Topographical Journey screen as seen in the TfL (Transport for London) Assessment or Test. A PCO London Official will demonstrate everything that you need to know before you start your journeys. This can take anything up to 60 minutes (1 Hour) depending on individual understanding.

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 1. You will be shown how and where to plot your lines on the various roads on a map. Understand about A Roads, B Roads and Minor Roads.

 2. You will also be shown how to recognise a one-way street and One-Way Streets that have no red Arrows, showing which direction the traffic is flowing.

 3. How to recognise and understand the Tunnels in Greater London.

 4. You will be shown the Bridges crossing that cross the River Thames.

 5. And most importantly how to avoid losing all the points for a journey.

 6. After this introduction you will be given access to the computer software used by TfL (Transport for London) for their Assessments or Tests.

 7. You will be given journeys of varied styles and difficulty.

 8. You will experience the difference between real time driving and looking at maps.

 9. You will start with 1 or 2 easy journeys just to familiarise yourself with the software, using the mouse, and journey plotting.

 10. You will be shown when to plot long lines and when to plot shorter lines.

 11. You will be given journeys where you will have to navigate roads, Tunnels and Bridges that are closed.

 12. You will be given journeys Where you will have to navigate tunnels.

 13. You will be given journeys where you will have to navigate Bridges.

After this training session some TfL (Transport for London) Assessment candidates request extra computer training, you can have as many training sessions as you like just book by clicking on this link PCO London Website

If you have already had a PCO London Computer Training and have remembered the introduction then we can start you straight on to journey plotting.

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