The Journey Screen for the TfL (Transport for London) Assessment

Journey Screen.

assessment journey screen

1. Read the Question carefully first, this is the white text section on the left side of the screen.

2. At the top of the screen there is a munu bar showing the buttons you will use to plot a journey.

3. pressing the "Start Drawing" button will change the curser to a cross hair "+" you move this to the bottom of the  start marker and click the left button, then move the marker to the next position and click the left button again, you will the see a line along the road (Always check the line you have just plotted) If the line is not correct you can press the "Undo" button and that will undo the line. 

4. The "Clear" buitton will clear the whole journey and you will have to start the journey again, SO BE CAREFUL!

5. At the Bottom Left side of the screen there are two Grey Buttons, "Click here to flag this Question" this will allow you to come back to the question quicker if you have time. The second button "Click here to review assessment" is how to go back, a summery of the assessment will display and any question you have flagged will show and by left clicking on the flagged question it will take you straight back to that question, saving time.

6. At the bottom Right Side of the screen is a Green "Submit" button, only click this button when instructed by TfL Assessors, or if you have completely finished the assessment before the time.